Enamel for household appliances: because it has shown excellent results


are just one example of the variety of enamel applications in household appliances. Today, all high-quality cooking stoves use easy-to-clean (ETC) enamels. Look in the laundry room: the fronts of washing machines and dryers in the premium segment are made of enamel which protects against alkaline solutions, scratches and signs of wear – they remain bright white and beautiful even after many years of intensive use. Back in the kitchen: enamel pots are suitable for all types of cooking stoves. Only enamelled ovens are available in Central Europe. Because they have shown excellent results.


are resistant to heat and easy to clean. Every household uses enamel – because it is chemically resistant. Hygienic. Suitable for allergy sufferers. Physiologically harmless. Tasteless. Robust, clean and beautiful – manufactured at Wendel using particularly environmentally-friendly technologies.

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is Germany’s largest manufacturer of enamels, glazes and engobes with its own frit smelter and grinding facilities. Wendel has been a pioneer and top innovator since 1932. Specialising in B2B from the raw material to the finished high-quality product. A brand leader in the field of enamels and roof tile glazes throughout Europe. A leader in casting enamel powders on the world market. Quality is our recipe. Enamels and glazes, our passion.



According to RAL 529 A (1940), enamel is a mass that is produced by melting or fritting; an inorganic and essentially oxidic composition fused onto metallic components in one or more layers, partly with additives.

Enamel frits

Depending on the quenching process of the smelt, granules or flake-shape substances (so-called flakes) are produced when quenched with water or during the roller cooling. Granules and flakes are called enamel frits.

Coil Coating

Coil-Coating (Bandbeschichtung) ist ein industrielles Verfahren, in dem gewalzte Stahl- und Aluminiumbänder kontinuierlich beschichtet werden.


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