WALL AND FLOOR TILES: smooth or anti-slip – always beautiful


and style determine the selection of floor and/or wall tiles suitable for living areas. Primarily, they must be non-abrasive, anti-slip, chemically resistant and, of course, easy to clean. Decoration and functionality always go hand in hand. Wendel provides suitable glazes – transparent and coloured. Suitable for any firing process (fast firing or tunnel firing). Smooth or anti-slip – always beautiful.

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is Germany’s largest manufacturer of enamels, glazes and engobes with its own frit smelter and grinding facilities. Wendel has been a pioneer and top innovator since 1932. Specialising in B2B from the raw material to the finished high-quality product. A brand leader in the field of enamels and roof tile glazes throughout Europe. A leader in casting enamel powders on the world market. Quality is our recipe. Enamels and glazes, our passion.



According to RAL 529 A (1940), enamel is a mass that is produced by melting or fritting; an inorganic and essentially oxidic composition fused onto metallic components in one or more layers, partly with additives.

Enamel frits

Depending on the quenching process of the smelt, granules or flake-shape substances (so-called flakes) are produced when quenched with water or during the roller cooling. Granules and flakes are called enamel frits.

Coil Coating

Coil-Coating (Bandbeschichtung) ist ein industrielles Verfahren, in dem gewalzte Stahl- und Aluminiumbänder kontinuierlich beschichtet werden.


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